Saturday, March 19, 2016

I'm Not Dead Yet, I Just Feel Like It

The wife was sick for 3 days this last week, some kind of stomach virus.
You know the drill, throwing up and diarrhea. Basically everything coming out all at once from both ends.
The poor dear was just miserable and there wasn't much of anything I could do to make it better.

I am still getting over that cold I caught, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but it is still lingering and have basically felt flat out exhausted for quite a while anyways after all the stress from the move and working my home sick ass off all the time.

I came home Thursday and fell down into my recliner after work, wore the fuck out.

I wound up falling asleep in the damn thing and woke up Friday morning feeling like shit. Fifteen minutes after I woke up, it was on.

First the puking.
Running back and forth heaving my guts out until there was nothing left. I laid back down in the chair for about a half hour then the next phase hit.

Shittin' my brains out.
Then puking again. Back and forth with it for about three hours.

I was so fucking exhausted that I grabbed a blanket and fell back down in the chair and basically slept all day after that until 11:30 when the wife came home from wherever she had been.

I got up and went to bed and slept all night until Noon today.
Fever dreams, weak as a kitten and the whole works.

I hadn't eaten anything in 36 hours and I'm still not hungry but am trying to get around some scrambled eggs and I know I'm dehydrated because I can feel it. Just fucking peachy.

I have been sick already more this year than I have in the last three years put together.

It really sucks, there is a list of shit I need to get done a mile long and I don't feel like doing anything besides crashing out in this chair and vegetating for another day at least.


  1. *Irish dons his tin foil hat*

    I think might have to look into HAARP or chemtrails. OR maybe the employees at the places you eat don't wash their hands? ;-)

    Hope u feel better Phil. :-)

  2. Bummer!

    I'm finally getting over some weird shit I've had for the last week.

    No puking, but plenty out the other end.

    Felt like a fucking tuck hit me, backed up, and came at at me again, and again.

    Did very little other than sleep, and go to the bathroom for the last week.

    The only upside is I haven't had a cigarette for a week, and I'm really going to try and not start again....

  3. had something like yours a few months ago

    large cloves of elephant garlic every six hours made me feel better in a few days

    get better please



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