Monday, March 21, 2016

Have You Priced One of These Things Lately?

It will shock the living shit out of you.


  1. Not lately, but the I'm sure they ain't cheap. Don't work enough metal to justify owning one, but still would like to.

  2. cheaper to adapt something else from a metal scrapyard

    even "harbor freight" cost a bit


    1. I bought a twenty pounder from Horror Freight on sale last year, I think it was $50.
      But it's Harbor Freight, not the highest quality to begin with.
      I would like to get a 100 punder someday but it will have to be from an Estate sale or something like that where the people selling it aren't quite so savvy on how much these things are going for.
      A guy could obviously spend over a grand trying to get a really good one. I wouldn't use it enough to justify that expense. The one thing I don't like about the HF unit is that the horn is really short and blunt. Ya pays to play though.

  3. The 131 pound Peter Wright anvil, asking price $475, that is listed at the link you gave is less expensive than some new anvils weighing in at only 100 pounds. Such a deal...

  4. I was blown away by a Diresta video showing his reconditioning of a trashed anvil he bought (IIRC) for about $50. My guess it was under 50#. Old saying holds true, buy the best tools and you only buy them once.

  5. The Blacksmith that I apprenticed with (25 yeara ago) has a Hay-Budden and the anvil I have is a Peter Wright. Mine is 168 lbs and wouldn't know it's value. I belonged to my Gr-Grandfather and has seen some hard abuse before my time. Hardly a square edge on it but, it's solid.

  6. Off topic of anvils but I thought you might get a kick out of this.

    I saw your comment over at angels blog about the special snowflakes not being able to do anything and I thought of this post

    Go and check out the link.

    1. I left my thoughts on the matter over there too.

  7. I use a piece of train track spiked to a piece of green pin oak. I have buddies and family who ride or drive the trains for a living. Track scraps are easy to come across in my circles. Ain't no way I'm throwing a grand at a new anvil.


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