Sunday, February 7, 2016

Headline; Unemployment Rate Lowest In 8 Years (HAHAHAHAHA BULLSHIT!)

The latest I saw they were all fucking excited because there were something like 150,000 jobs added in January.

Ok, out of a country of 320 million?

I don't know who these fucking morons think they are kidding with this ridiculous RAH RAH Bullshit but it ain't anyone with two working synapses inside their heads.

Unemployment rate lowest in 8 years

Jane M. Von Bergen, Inquirer Staff Writer
Posted: Sunday, February 7, 2016, 3:01 AM

Jane must be the one at the end you can't see.

The nation's unemployment rate dropped to 4.9 percent in January, hitting its lowest point in eight years, since February 2008.

The nation's payrolls expanded by 151,000 jobs in January, lower than the increase in recent months, when payrolls expanded by 231,000 a month, the U.S. Labor Department said in its monthly jobs report, released Friday.

"While the headline payroll job gains were below expectations and a disappointment, the torrid growth rate of the last quarter was not sustainable," wrote economist Sophia Koropeckyj, managing director of Moody's Analytics in West Chester.

"Most of the other data for January was more upbeat: The unemployment rate fell - even with a hefty increase in the labor force," he wrote. "Hours and labor force participation edged up, and, most promising of all, average hourly earnings rose the most in nearly seven years."

Aside from the headlines, much of January's report represents a continuation of the status quo, mostly positive but not dramatically so.

Torrid growth rate?!

I don't know what this lady Sophia So And So has been smoking but it has certainly put her about a light year away from reality so it must be good shit.

I do not care what any of these government cheerleaders say, our economy is still in the toilet from the last clusterfuck back in 2008, some eight years ago by my math. In some ways it is worse off now than it was then, the only bright spot I'm seeing is the price of Regular Gas finally went under two dollars a gallon around here for the first time in recent memory.
To be honest I figured I would never see that again in my lifetime.

Jobs are certainly no easier to come by than they have been in over a decade and actually pay less now than they did before the Big R hit.
The average starting pay for most of the jobs I hear about is anywhere from 13-16 dollars an hour depending on experience and how far you can bend over.
Not even enough for a single person to live on anymore and you are considered ungrateful by these sonsabitches if you turn your nose up at 'em!
So when I see bullshit news articles like this I just laugh at these stupid fucking people who seem to think we shouldn't believe our own lying eyes.


  1. Obama wants to add a 10 dollar a barrel tax to crude oil. That's almost 24 cent a gallon.

    1. Which it would be one thing if they actually used that money to fix our crumbling infrastructure but there isn't a politician alive who won't find a way to Porkbarrel that money and fritter it away on some shit like a Bridge To Nowhere.

  2. and their own people say it takes 360k just to keep up with population increases, back when they were still blaming it all on bush.


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