Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Sling Shot Man

This old feller could knock sand crystals off the face of your watch without scratching it.


  1. oh man! i met that guy. i was doing utility work out by his farm. he hollered at us to come over n check out his slingshots. he said flip a quarter in the air, he shot the shit out of it 25 ft in the air. then my buddy was standing by a pole across the road. he said, bet i can hit that polkberry w/o hitting your buddy. i took the bet, then he said which way you want it to fall. i said left, and he shot it, from the hip, and it fell to the left. he said he bought the farm when he got married in the forties, paid 5000 dollars for it, and was going to sell 5000 slingshots to pay for it. i'm sure it was already long paid for then in 1982? but he was keeping a record on the wall of his barn and serial numbering them. funny guy. i think he served in the war too. man, memories.

  2. He sounds like a Good Ol' Boy.
    Probably long dead by now, this is an old clip.


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