Monday, January 18, 2016

Stress Level: High

This having to move crap has got me stressed clear out of my gourd. I am literally going to have to give or throw away a couple thousand bucks worth of stuff right off the get go but without even remotely seeing any prospects yet, my focus right now is on getting that fucking Sprite going  so I don't haveto tow the sonofabitch wherever we wind up.
I got it to run a bit Saturday but it is flat out getting too much fuel pressure so I bit the bullet and ordered the correct fuel pump for it.

Getting the slave cylinder line hooked up for the clutch turned into a fucking nightmare and wound up taking almost 3 hours Saturday night.

It's right next to the frame rail and is actually at an angle pointing at about 25 degrees away from straight out so that it angles TOWARDS the frame rail about a half inch away from it.. I ended up jacking up the drive train and taking it off to get it started and then couldn't get the top bolt back in, had to grind it to a point and force it in with a wrench through a fucking hole in the kick panel inside where the passengers feet go.
Then I had to bleed the sonofabitch. On to the same with the brakes, fixing some electrical shit like brake lights and I still have to find a way to mount the wiper motor to get that shit hooked up.
The windshield isn't bolted in yet and the list goes on and on and on.

I am freaking out about how much time we have to actually find a place and then get all this crap over there but I can see multiple dump runs in my future and probably a storage unit until I can get the triage done.

The clock is ticking, the list of shit that needs to get done is approaching the Stratosphere and posting is going to get spotty. Also look for me to get increasingly cranky, as if that was possible.


  1. If the owner has to start the time frame of eviction and you got no place I would not think twice about that. Gives maybe a month depending.

  2. What sort of crap do you need for the sprite? I may have some odd bits laying around.

    1. Thanks for the offer but I have damn near enough parts laying around to build another car, seriously.
      except for the front suspension, steering, I probably could.
      I still need a turn signal switch and the bezel but I know I can get both of those when I need them.
      The fuel pump has been an issue for a long time, I have a really old one and didn't want to fuck with it. I also had a NAPA electric pump laying around but it is just putting out too much, even with a pressure regulator and those fancy ball bearing type needle and seats for the fuel bowls.

      The new one should be here Wednesday and I will slap that bitch on and see what happens then.

      It would be nice to be able to at least get the fucker in and out of the garage under it's own power.

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  4. I feel for you. I think I would move as much as possible to a storage unit as soon s I could. Keeping out only what is daily use/wear items. It may reduce the stress of moving once you find a place. Or do the pile method MUST HAVE, NICE TO HAVE, WHY DO WE HAVE.

  5. Wow, super sucks Phil. I don't know about your area but around my parts shipping containers are fairly cheap. You can get into a 40 water tight for anywhere from1500 to 2000 bucks. If you know someone with some land.......Man I hate to move.

  6. Hey Phil,

    Obviously you're going to use craigslist for a rental. I also suggest I checked Portland area and there is a couple thousand rentals between Salem and Vancouver.


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