She Screams For Thee

She Screams For Thee

Sunday, January 17, 2016

I Never Thought I Would Live To See Gas Under A Buck A Gallon Again

Bigger than shit it is in a station in Michigan right now.

It wasn't that long ago it was $5 a gallon around these parts, couple of years ago I think.

Of course it's nowhere near that low around here, I think I paid $2.59 for Regular the other day.

Still, if it can get that low somewhere else it the country then it damn well should start dropping around here, eventually.


  1. Well, this isn't because of Barry Obamas' great planning. In fact, he was hoping gas would be $5.00 per gallon or more by this point in his rule. That would (in his mind) steer the world towards mass transit, electric cars, solar energy, wind power, and every other 'carbon free' solution to the worlds problems and help erase BP and Exxon off the map.

    Funny how things worked out. The free market sprung into action, fracking was developed to coax even more oil from Mother Earth, and a bad economy meant fewer jobs so fewer people needed to drive to work every day. The only pleasure I get from this is knowing Barry sits in the oval orifice, seething, because this one segment of capitalism is able to produce cheap gas, IN SPITE OF everything he's done to prevent it.

  2. Still hovering around $2.75 here in Kommiefornia....


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