Sunday, November 8, 2015

Russia Evacuates 11,000 Of It's Tourists Out Of Egypt In 24 Hours!

Say what you will about the Russians but those people do not fuck around when they are pissed off.
Evacuating eleven thousand people in twenty four hours is an extraordinary feat.

They aren't done yet but one thing is for damn sure, they just sent an unmistakeable message to the Egyptians.

Next on the agenda I will assume is an even more pointed memo heading to the bunch of terrorist assholes who are claiming to have blown a passenger jet full of people out of the sky last week, most of them being Russian.

Russia has a fairly respectable record of just killing shitheads like that, by the truck load.

Russia has returned 11,000 of its tourists from Egypt in the last 24 hours in response to the plane crash in the Sinai Peninsula a week ago, RIA news agency said on Sunday, but tens of thousands more are waiting for flights home.The chief Egyptian investigator into the crash of the Russian airliner on Oct. 31 which killed all 224 people on board said his team was considering all scenarios for the cause of the tragedy after reporting a noise registered in the last seconds of the flight recording. Western countries suspect a bomb was planted by militants.
A leading airline predicted the disaster will lead to stringent aviation security worldwide.
Thousands of mostly Russian and British tourists are stranded at Sharm al-Sheikh airport, where the Airbus (AIR.PA) A321 took off for St Petersburg before crashing 23 minutes into the flight.


Around 80,000 Russians were left in Egypt after the Kremlin grounded all flights to the country on Friday following the crash, due to security concerns.
A British official said on Saturday it could take 10 days for all British tourists to be flown home.
The crash occurred when the auto-pilot was engaged. Debris was scattered over a 13-km (8-mile) area "which is consistent with an in-flight break-up", said Ayman al-Muqaddam, head of the investigation committee.

Islamic State militants fighting security forces in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula have said they brought down the aircraft as revenge for Russian air strikes against Islamist fighters in Syria, where Islamic State controls large areas in the east and north of the country. They said they would eventually tell the world how they carried out the attack.
If the group was responsible, it would have carried out one of the highest profile killings since al Qaeda flew passenger planes into New York's World Trade Center in September 2001.

The Russians have battlefield ready tactical nukes if they want to get real fucking serious about this kind of shit and more than likely have a pretty damn good idea where to lob them for maximum effect against ISIS any time they feel the need.

I'm sure the rest of the world would go all kinds of ape shit if they used them but you can bet the farm that there wouldn't be any more attempts on Russian civilians after that, ever, and Russia is pretty much used to ignoring what anybody else thinks.

I'm down with that and as a matter of fact, I think a whole bunch of the spineless fucking weasels we have in our government right now should be taking notes.


  1. I must admit that I have far more respect for Vladimir Putin than I do for Barry Soetoro.

  2. Yeah. I think if Putin's intelligence service confirms what we're hearing, it could get quite real. I think strategic nukes could be an option, not just battlefield-size tactical nukes. Getting all the Russians out of Egypt can be seen as clearing the way for an attack like that. Putin may decide nothing bigger than an amoeba is allowed to live in ISIS territory, and I've gotta say I understand.

  3. If Russia acts, ISIS will get squashed like the cockroaches they are....

  4. "Islamic State militants fighting security forces in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula have said they brought down the aircraft as revenge for Russian air strikes against Islamist fighters in Syria,"

    They will think revenge when Vlad gets done with them.


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