Friday, November 20, 2015

More than 500 firearms seized from Clovis California home of man with mental health issues

I'm thinking there is a lesson to be learned here, actually more than one.

CLOVIS, Calif. --

The biggest weapons seizure ever made in a single home by the California Department of Justice, and it happened in Clovis -- more than 500 firearms and 100,000 rounds of ammunition.

"I believe it makes the neighborhood safer as well as the state of California," said DOJ Special Agent-In-Charge Michael Haroldsen.

State agents arrested 59-year-old Albert Sheakalee at his home last week.
Sheakalee didn't deny having the impressive haul of weapons -- including ten assault weapons, 88 shotguns and 234 rifles. But his son tells Action News it was a bogus government gun grab -- even though state agents say Sheakalee isn't allowed to own any guns.

Wall-to-wall guns filled a conference room at the California Department of Justice Fresno office -- all of them seized Thursday at the same Clovis home. From run-of-the-mill handguns to a military style 50-caliber rifle, agents say Albert Sheakalee had it all. "And then you see the numerous assault weapons that we have here," Haroldsen said as he showed a reporter the array of weapons.

Agents say Sheakalee was once a federal arms dealer, but he lost his license last year. And this year, he lost his right to own any firearms after he was institutionalized three times in June. "Obviously when a person is admitted into a hospital for a mental health hold it's because he's believed to be a danger to himself or to the public," Haroldsen said.

The DOJ tracks people who still have registered weapons despite bans for mental health problems, restraining orders, or certain criminal convictions.
In this case, they say Sheakalee still had about 150 registered in his name five months after he was ordered to give them up.

For one thing, it's unfortunate that none of this mans relatives or even a good friend didn't step up to the plate and get all those guns out of the mans house and stored somewhere under lock and key. The JBT's would have found nada and then they could have been disposed of at a later date at everyone's convenience and the money gotten, spent on trying to get the man the help he obviously needs. Now he has nothing for his efforts except a new shrink and a court date.

For another thing, this highlights the fact that California is damn serious about grabbing guns.

So as I see this playing out now, because he didn't get rid of the guns as he was ordered to do because he has been institutionalized three times, the government just got a huge windfall and a case of priapism.

More than likely, they will destroy these guns because that's how those communist motherfuckers operate, at least the ones that don't find their way into the hands of LEO's.
I would imagine the guy's kid may be able to sue to get some back but the cost of that would just be adding insult to injury, with no guarantee of success.

That was a small fortune's worth of guns and ammo, now it's evidence.

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