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Friday, September 25, 2015

Weepy Sees The Writing On The Wall And Is Resigning

That message was pretty hard to miss as it was written in blood.

This is way the hell overdue but people who hold the levers of power in this country are loathe to let go unless forced to and that is exactly what he was facing.

Not only is he stepping down as Speaker, he is resigning from Congress.
This leads me to wonder just how much dirt someone dug up on this guy.

House Speaker John Boehner: 'I decided today is the day'

"Last night I started thinking about this and this morning I woke up and I said my prayers -- as I always do -- and I decided today's the day I'm going to do this. As simple as that," Boehner said during an emotional Capitol Hill press conference a day after he had a moving encounter with Pope Francis.

This is the equivalent of the old "spend more time with my family" excuse we see on occasion when someone is getting out before charges are filed in a discreet plea bargain deal or the certainty of losing the position was too plain to ignore.
 I have been following politics for so long I can smell a bullshit excuse for leaving office a mile away and something stinks here.

Boehner said the main driver behind his resignation was concern for his conference, he also recalled emotionally when he and the Pope found themselves alone during the visit Thursday -- something Boehner, a devout Catholic, had sought since taking the helm of the House GOP caucus.

"The Pope puts his arm around me and kind of pulls me to him and says please pray for me. Who am I to pray for the Pope? But I did," Boehner said, struggling to hold back tears.

This is why Boehner will forever be known as Weepy, his emotional breakdowns are legendary already.

The Conservative wing of the republican party has been after his head for quite a while now and were amassing another attack to get him to resign yet again, this time he got the message.

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  1. Goodbye and good riddance.

    It's Okay for a man to cry . . . if a bone is sticking out.


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