She Screams For Thee

She Screams For Thee

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Happy Family!

The Happy Family returns home after a brief 5 million dollar vacation.

Must have been a day trip if it was only 5 mil.

Sent to me in an e mail from a sweet little old lady.


  1. I'd have a look on my face like that too if I spent 5 mil on vacation -but that's because I'd have spent my money. Hey wait, they did spend my money . . . maybe they feel bad for me? Naw. . . .

  2. Real fine looking crew, right?


  3. Is that a nipple piercing stud showing through the blouse over Moochelle's left tit?

    1.'s most likely the bone she usually puts through her nose.....

  4. The REAL fun will start for the pretzeldent when he leaves office, and these spoiled beyotches have to have him take care of their needs without the .gov footing every penny.... "Daddy.... I want one of those skwerrels....." Veruca Salt. Oh yes, his hell has not yet begun... look at those faces... hell, he may even run willingly into the noose hanging from the streetlight that will be waiting for him in a year or so... and Glenn.... please DON'T draw anyone's eye to any part of Moochelle's anatomy... the only thing worse would be Hitlery in a bikini....

  5. My God, get these fucking people out of our lives, already!



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