Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hillary Clinton Is Out Of Touch With Reality

You know, ten billion dollars would go a long ways towards financing some major infrastructure projects this country is ignoring at the moment.

Those projects would create jobs. Those jobs would give the people working them a reason to stay clean and somewhat sober.
I'm sure there would be drug testing involved to make sure anyone still abusing these things would not stick around, thus giving them yet another reason to stay clean and somewhat sober.
I say somewhat because hey, weekends ya know.

Instead, Mrs. Clinton wants to throw ten billion dollars at treatment centers and shit like that.

Here's a hint honey, when people can't find jobs to support themselves and their families, they turn to drugs and alcohol to dull their feelings.

But hey, we get it, anything except those pesky Emails, right?

Hillary Clinton proposes $10 billion plan to combat drug and alcohol addiction

(CNN)Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign announced a $10 billion plan to "combat America's deadly epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction" on Wednesday.

The plan looks to boost treatment and recovery programs, ensure that first responders have drugs needed to stop opioid overdoses from becoming fatal and urges states to focus more on treatment than incarceration.

"It's time we recognize that there are gaps in our health care system that allow too many to go without care — and invest in treatment," Clinton wrote in an oped about the plan. "It's time we recognize that our state and federal prisons, where 65 percent of inmates meet medical criteria for substance use disorders, are no substitute for proper treatment — and reform our criminal justice system."

The bulk of Clinton's plan will focus on $7.5 billion in new federal-state partnerships to boost local treatment programs. According to the plan, if a state proposes "a comprehensive plan" for dealing with addiction, that state can receive $4 of federal support for every $1 they put up.

Clinton's plan would also direct state Attorneys General to prioritize "treatment over incarceration for nonviolent and low-level federal drug offenders." Clinton's campaign argues that the savings to the criminal justice system would be used -- in part -- to pay for the plan.

What the fuck, it's all phony money anyways.
I hear they are warming up the presses for another run.


  1. Hey Phil, have you tried to kick the smokes again? On Monday I started hacking up blood and after about the 5th time I figured that it was time to see the Dr. I spent about half the day chasing chest x-rays and what not. I was not feeling well and by the end of the day I was convinced that 40 yrs. of smoking had done me in and there was probably a giant tumor. When I got the x-ray results they were completely clear and you could not even tell that I had smoked. Apparently a random blood vessel can just blow out in your lung without real harm. I am 7 months in.

    1. That's scary!
      No, I haven't tried kicking them again, yet.
      It's coming.
      Good an you though!
      Glad to hear there isn't anything serious going on there.

  2. Thanks. I am 52 and that is the first weeding out. Even though I am in good shape I was really surprised by the x-ray results. I figured maybe a slight improvement. Hope you can do it again seeing how you inspired me to lose the habit.


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