She Screams For Thee

She Screams For Thee

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Purge Continues

This is a perfect example of how weasel politicians operate.

House moves to ban Confederate flag in federal cemeteries


The House has voted to ban the display of Confederate flags at historic federal cemeteries in the deep South.
The low-profile move came late Tuesday after a brief debate on a measure funding the National Park Service, which maintains 14 national cemeteries, most of which contain graves of Civil War soldiers.
The proposal by California Democrat Jared Huffman would block the Park Service from allowing private groups from decorating the graves of southern soldiers with Confederate flags in states that commemorate Confederate Memorial Day. The cemeteries affected are the Andersonville and Vicksburg cemeteries in Georgia and Mississippi.
Pressure has mounted to ban display of the flag on state and federal property in the wake of last month's tragic murders at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina.


Notice who sponsored the amendment and where he is from.


  1. Revisionist History writing is in full swing. Fuck all of those limp wristed sissy boys and their wittle feewings... You don't fuck with the graves of dead soldiers, no matter who they are or what army they served.

  2. Candy-ass sons of bitches.


  3. I looked the asshole up. He's from far north Kommifornia. I figured he was from either LA or Gay Bay. There's coming a day when houses will be cleaned. I hope he's on someones list.


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