She Screams For Thee

She Screams For Thee

Friday, July 3, 2015

TGIF (Updated)

It's been a long damn week and I have been working my ass off.
Not only that but it's been hot all week and I have been drinking water and Gatorade by the fucking gallon because I am sweating buckets trying to cool off.
Tuesday was so bad my cigarette pack got soaked inside my shirt pocket from it.

I don't see it cooling off any time soon either.

All y'all try to have a decent 4th of July, there ain't much left to celebrate from where I sit.

Keep fighting the bastards every chance you get.
Motherfuckers gotta sleep sometime.


Typical, I don't know why I'm surprised but it kind of pisses me off, I just got a call from the "Lead Guy" telling me they are shutting everything down and not to bother coming in today.


The maintenance crews have all been busting our balls rebuilding multiple pieces of critical equipment so they could keep running and now," Thanks but we are going to shut down early for the Fourth".

Yeah, that means I ain't getting paid for it either.


  1. After intensive investigation of this photo, I have a question. Is that per chance a barcode on the dear girls foot?

    If so we're in far worse shape than I thought.

    Regardless she can sit on my couch back anytime. :)

    1. I scanned that barcode. Melons, 1.99/lb.

  2. Ditch the cigs! Trust me, you'll thank me one day. It was hard for me, but it was a habit, not an addiction to nicotine. Once I realized that, it was easy.


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