She Screams For Thee

She Screams For Thee

Sunday, June 14, 2015

LA Sheriff's Dept Blaming New Pistol For Increase In Accidental Discharges

I can't wait for the comments on this one.

New gun blamed for rise in LA County deputy shootings


LOS ANGELES (AP) — The number of accidental shootings by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies has more than doubled in two years as the department switches to a new handgun.
There were 12 accidental discharges of weapons in 2012 and 30 last year — most of which involved the new gun, the Los Angeles Times reported (
In October, a deputy tripped over a stroller and fired a bullet through the wall of a house in Huntington Park. Last November, a deputy in Lancaster shot himself in the thigh while pulling his gun. In December, a deputy in Compton accidentally pulled the trigger on his gun as he approached a suspected stolen car and a bullet hit the door. Nobody was in the car, however.
The inspector general of the Sheriff's Department is investigating the increase in accidental firings. But sheriff's officials attribute the increase to the learning curve for the new weapon, the Smith & Wesson M&P9.
The semi-automatic gun is made from a lightweight polymer, doesn't have a safety lever and requires less pressure to pull the trigger than the Beretta 92F, a heavier gun the department has used for two decades.
"The vast majority were people trained on the Beretta," Assistant Sheriff Todd Rogers said. "There is a correlation, no doubt about it."

Gun owners around the world are right at this moment collectively shaking their heads in disgust I bet.
Where does one start  when seeing this piss poor excuse being plastered in the news?

Like anyone other than a cop would even try to blame his weapon for firing when it's not supposed to and expect to not be beaten mercilessly in the public domain?
Here is a news flash right back at ya Mr. Blame It On The Gun, you are the one responsible for your weapon firing, period.



  1. The Smith & Wesson M&P9 is a simple weapon. It will fire if you put your finger on the trigger and pull it back. It will not fire unless the trigger is pulled. It is a training issue for the cops. If they had gone with a Glock they would have the same issue: inability to keep their bogger hook of the dang trigger.


  2. It's not just a training issue for the cops, it's also a holster issue. There's some of the retention holsters out there which try to force your finger into battery early, which you can get away with on a pistol with a safety, but if not, well. Accidental discharge. That said, the LASD is infamous for being a bunch of incompetent lunkheads who spend most of their time beating up random black people when they're not busy taking bribes, so ... (shrug).


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