Saturday, May 9, 2015

World Health Organization Says Liberia Is Free Of Ebola

And I say they are full of shit.

The World Health Organization declared Liberia free of Ebola on Saturday, making it the first of the three hardest-hit West African countries to bring a formal end to the epidemic.

“The outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Liberia is over,” the W.H.O. said in a statement. The president of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, planned to attend ceremonies later in the morning to commemorate the dead and celebrate survivors.

As of Saturday, two maximum incubation periods of the virus, a total of 42 days, had passed since the burial of the last person confirmed to have had Ebola in Liberia, fulfilling the official criteria for concluding that human-to-human transmission of the virus has ended. According to the W.H.O., there were more than 3,000 confirmed Ebola cases in Liberia, and a further 7,400 suspected or probable cases, with more than 4,700 deaths estimated to have occurred since the outbreak was declared there in March of 2014. Among the dead were 189 health care workers.

Anyone remember seeing the story about the doctor who they claimed was Ebola free only to find the shit was hibernating in his fucking eyeball?

(CNN)American doctor Ian Crozier was treated for Ebola in Atlanta last year and declared free of the virus in his blood. But he had no way of knowing it still lurked in his eye.

At the time, his eyes were the least of his worries.

"There were lots of things sort of higher on the food chain," he told CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360." "I was struggling to learn to walk again."

But not long after, mild burning and light sensitivity afflicted his eyes.

Less than two months later, he was back at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta; testing showed the virus was still living in his eye.

So the people at the WHO are doing the same thing as our government does to us constantly.
They create some artificial set of parameters and the instant the numbers fall into this artificial construct then they crank up the propaganda machine.
Unemployment numbers and Cost of Living are two that immediately come to mind.
Hell, even if they don't fall where the bastards want they will twist them unmercifully and outright lie to make them look the way they want.
My point here is that to start jumping up and down and waving your arms in some kind of victory dance because they say that Ebola has been contained would be more of a celebration of your gullibility.

That virus is still all over the damn place over there, thousands of people are probably carrying it around with them, they are just asymptomatic at this time.

You watch though, they will have enough of the perpetually clueless convinced that everything is hunky dory over there and that everything can go back to what passes for normal over there.

Yeah, you sonsabitches just stay over there and don't be trying to get on an airplane and head straight over here unless you plan on stopping by the Whitehouse for a tour first thing you get here.

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