She Screams For Thee

She Screams For Thee

Thursday, April 23, 2015

This Is Priceless!! "Fuck This Court".

Holy shit, this woman is off the charts.

Read some of this and don't tell me you have never wanted to do exactly the same thing at one time or another.
This lady goes full on Fuck You Very Much Mode, to a Judge!
It is fucking PRICELESS too!

Here is a taste , Rude, Vulgar and Heart Felt, every bit of it.

Go read the rest of her tirade here.

H/T to Fark for this beauty.


  1. That's some classic "fuck off and die" right there, good for her. :)

    I posted your link at John Jay's place, and asked for his thoughts, since he's more of a legal mind type than I am, even though we can guess what his thoughts will be. :)

  2. If the'judge' in a this case sees this this woman is going to spend a LOT of time in jail for 'contempt'.......even though the actions of the courts are usually contemptible. The judiciary in America are the closest to royalty we have....and they act like it.


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