She Screams For Thee

She Screams For Thee

Friday, April 10, 2015

I'm A Chicken Running Around Looking For My Head

Fuckin' crazy busy .

It's all family related of one sort or another and it's stuff that needs to get done and I am the guy who can do it, so I am.

I'm going to start hunting cats in the mean time, my wife, the crazy cat lady, fell asleep watching the boob tube in the bedroom last night with the door open and a half dozen or so of the little fuckers lurking around the house.

I had get up early, like 9:00 AM, so of course the little bastards took turns fucking with me all night long.
Jumping on me, waking me up, walking on me to get their little noses a half inch from mine, laying on me, fuck!

There has been some ongoing issues with my late Fathers Motorhome and a certain insurance policy that has resulted in litigation so I had to go fire that monster up and get it moved so some dude could come give it the once over.
That is all I'm going to say about that.
Dude was to be there at eleven so I had to get over there and get it moved,

That's done now.

NOW, I have to go to WORK!!
Tomorrow it's work on a different Sister In Laws car,maybe her kid's too, and of course there is the little bit of unfinished business involving multiple trips to the dump hauling yard debris that didn't get finished last week.

I see that I have 96 hours of personal time built up at work.

I'm thinking I am going to take a week and run off into the brush and go fishing, by myself, soon.
I don't give a flying fuck if it rains or not either.


  1. I've got a week's worth of back country fishing somewhere in my future . . . dammit!

  2. The first time a cat ever tried that shit with me, it would find itself being flung out of the bedroom at about Mach 5!

  3. I consider cats as moving targets. They do not get anywhere near the inside of my home!

    A man must go fishing, by himself, from time to time just to get his perspective on life straight.

    Go for it!



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