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Gas It

Monday, April 27, 2015

Bad Graphics Driver Issues (Updated)

I have been having intermittent issues with the display on this here Laptop for quite a while now but lately it has gotten not only more frequent but harder to correct.
It has an AMD graphics card in it and I have been able to update it on occasion but it is one serious pain in the ass.

I am wondering if it isn't that the inside of this thing hasn't got a layer of cat hair covering everything.
It wouldn't surprise me.
I am going to have to try and open this thing up and blow it out later without fucking it up.

That should prove to be interesting.
In the mean time I have been fucking with this since I got up and now I have to go to work. We shall see if the update sticks when I get home.

It seems to have stuck this time,I turned it completely off, took the battery out and gave it some TLC.
I have to admit this thing has exceeded my expectations over the years but it is starting to get pretty beat up.
It has, how shall I say, issues, some most of which have been inflicted by yours truly.

In the mean time lets test the graphics and find some visuals to share.

Hmmm, Testing, testing.......

That's better.

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