Gas It

Gas It

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Permanent Presidential Election Cycle Is Heating Up.

Awwww Jeeze, here we go again.

I don't think it was five minutes after Barack Obama was announced as the winner of the last Presidential election before someone was asking Hillary Clinton if she was going to run again.

Five minutes.

That's how long a reprieve we got from this constant campaigning.

The Republicans are dusting off the same old tired crop of rich white men again in anticipation. The only good news on that front is that Willard already flamed out.

As I recall, Mrs. Romney vowed to never go through it again after the last time anyway.

Jeb Bush is obviously counting on the American public's always amazing short attention span.

His brother's legacy should be enough to poison that name for generations but I'm betting he will be in it for sure.

The campaign staffs are getting lined up already too.
The same names and faces just keep coming around.
They get paid for a couple years at a pretend job just waiting for a new campaign to be announced and then jump ship to do their real work.
Same old, same old.

This last Presidential election was notable for something other than who got elected, it was also the most expensive campaign in history.
Over ONE BILLION dollars were spent on that race.

You know that is the new bench mark.

People can't afford to see a doctor in this country but we can come up with a billion fucking dollars for a damn political campaign.

There is something wrong with that picture.


  1. Folks say that we have the best government that money can buy. If only!

  2. Hey, don't denigrate spending that money! It helped fight inflation! At least somebody got it out of the hands of those rich folks and into the hands of the companies that make political posters and bumper stickers.


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