Saturday, January 31, 2015

What The Fuck Happened?

I wake up and the next thing I know I'm fuckin' old!

55 today and yes I will take my senior discount you zit faced little prick.

It's no wonder I get those mystery pains all the time now.

You know what I'm talking about.
You feel fine when you go to bed and when you wake up, some fucking part of your body has decided to go on strike in the middle of the night and now you can't turn your head to the left or your fucking knee is aching for no damn reason.

Mystery pains.

Gotta love 'em.

It's no wonder I'm fucking grouchy all the time.

Don't even think about walking on my lawn.


  1. Happy birthday old timer. I know exactly how you feel. I got six years on you...............

  2. Happy Birthday my friend. You may hurt some now and then but you're still doing more than most. May not be much but it's something anyway.

  3. Yeah happy Birthday! I just had one too. I turned 69. Wanna trade?

  4. Happy Birthday!

    But, ha, ha, ha, you are still a young pup compared to some of us!


  5. I hate that injured in my sleep thing. Do I have to stretch out and limber up before bed now?

  6. I turned 64 about 10 months ago, I do understand.

    ***Happy Birthday***


  7. Happy birthday. You are younger than my little brother.

  8. OK, I used to get a e-mail every time you posted. I had to change providers and have a new e-mail. How do I get back on the list.

    1. Actually, after I did some searching, I found a doohickey in the settings to put your Email address in. Let me know if it works.

  9. Thank you one and all!!

    Robert, if I remember correctly there was a little box you had to check when you fill out the comment form to get the email thing.

  10. Belated Happy Birthday, middle aged grouchy fart. :)

  11. What are you complaining about? I've got 20yrs on you and still going on my own, enjoy it, but complain loud and clear.

  12. Happy Belated Birthday man. Shit, 55 ain't old, just getting there.

  13. 61 and heading to 100. Woke up this morning with a killer lower back ache. I don't remember her name; but, I plan on seeing her again! LOL


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