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Gas It

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fellow Washingtonians; Spread The Word, Vote NO On I -594!

There are anti gun citizens with deep pockets literally trying to purchase your 2nd Amendment rights with false advertising and by sponsoring Initiative I-594. When even Law Enforcement officers think this is a bad idea it should give everyone cause for concern.
Watch this video and then spread the word.

I will tell you right now that I will consider this null and void the second it passes, if it does.

PLEASE tell everyone you know that lives in the State of Washington to fiercely protect what few rights we have left and at the same time let non residents with deep pockets and an agenda know that we here don't want or need them meddling in our business.

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  1. This state has become a cesspool. I hope it doesn't pass but I'm not holding my breath. The good news is it will be challenged in court the second it passes if it does and I don't think it will survive.


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