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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bring On Cheaper Bacon!

As you well know, grocery prices have been incrementally going up for years and it's no better now than last year.
To make matters worse, there has been an ongoing deadly virus outbreak that pig farmers have been battling that has killed millions of little pigs over the last couple of years.
One follows the other and the price of pork has reflected those losses.
It is being reported that farmers have finally turned the corner and gotten the upper hand in controlling the outbreak and the best news is that the price of pork may be coming back down soon.

Mmmmmhmm, a BLT sounds pretty damn good right now!

Farmers Get Piglet Virus under Control Which May Mean Lower Pork Prices

Over the last year, a virus in the pig community has run rampant killing millions of baby pigs while causing pork prices to rise considerably. Warmer weather and efforts from pork farmers to better sterilize their operations have helped to decrease the incidence of the virus itself, and it appears the worst of the crisis is over....

Isn't baby bacon cute?

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