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Gas It

Monday, September 1, 2014

That Was Quite The Surprise!

Sittin' here on my dead ass with nobody else home for a change and playing a game when I hear a crunch noise out front.
I got up out of the chair and looked out the front window to find my neighbor's truck sitting in the front yard backwards!

His driveway is on a steep little hill straight across the street and one of his girlfriends little monsters had gotten in it and pulled the park brake loose.
Guess he wanted to go for a ride.

Good thing the wife's car wasn't here or there would have been so much fucking drama going on right now I would be going out of my mind.
As it is, we all got lucky as there is a medium sized rock hidden out in some shrubs and that was the noise I heard, the differential crunching the rock.
Otherwise I might have had to call the landlord and tell him to get an insurance adjuster over here because the tail gate wound up about three feet from the front wall.
Without that rock there I have no doubts it would have slammed the house.

I just started laughing when I saw what the deal was.
The only real damage was a shrub that I don't like anyway and they are out picking up branches out of the street as I type.

My little brother did that once while we were in my Mom's car, parked on a steep hill. He was determined to pull that E brake handle and I couldn't get to him before he yanked it off, I think he was 3 and I was six.
Bumped into the car behind us.

No real damage.

The best part of this whole deal?

From what the guy tells me, this isn't the first time the little peckerhead has done this. He looks to be about three years old too and these are the Drama King neighbors I was bitching about a while ago. They finally calmed down after someone called the cops on their asses for screaming and yelling out in the street for two fucking hours one night, all of 'em drunk and high.

I suggested he start parking in the street.
He is damn lucky it missed my rig or it would have been ugly.

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  1. I did that at 5. Released the e-brake and pushed in the clutch. (I was a big kid) Made it to the middle of a busy road, sideways. Dad was . . . unhappy.


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