Saturday, August 16, 2014

Why the Sudden Concern About Militarized Police Forces?

You would think a large group of suddenly concerned politicians have been in a news vacuum for the past decade or so.

It isn't like this is anything new.
Thousands of people have been pointing out this phenomenon for a very long time now.

So why all of a sudden are politicians putting on their very concerned faces and speaking out in public about something that they enabled?

Just in case you haven't figured this out for yourself yet, let me boil all this concern down to two words for you.

Election Year.

It's all about the optics baby.

Politicians are the most opportunistic animals on the planet, bar none.

They don't give a flying FUCK about you, your dog or anybody else either, only the one thing that is going to get them re elected.

This is why the concerned faces started popping up, who can leverage the most votes out of the concern du jour.

Politicians are douche bags, never, ever, forget that.


  1. "Never let a crisis go to waste."

    And give Barry a bit of time, but you can bet that he'll say something stupid about how "Big Mike" Brown could have been his son, or something like that. Just more politics and pandering to the base, even if it makes things worse for everyone else.

  2. Seems I remember something in the constitution where it states Congress shall from time to time pass needed laws. Er....the operative words are from "time to time". That sure doesn't seem like they are following that when they pass hundreds of them. You are so right when you say they do not have the public's needs in mind. It is all about keeping their jobs are getting relected. If you think about it, how is it they can argue and argue for days and still never get things right. How is it they are so divided on maters that if they were truthfully acting in the publics interest AND following the constitution and the bill of rights there would be no division? I think that for yeats now they have been following their own agenda whatever that may sure is not what they were elected to do. But then, ALAS, today most people either have NO interest in what is going on. Of course they do take a interest ONLY if it benefits them. They do NOT seem to care what harms out country in the process.


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