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Monday, August 4, 2014

Mr. Scott, Fetch My Dilythiem Crystals

Warp 9 bitches, here we come!

NASA to Revolutionize Spacelift, Claims ‘Impossible’ Space Engine Could Work

NASA has created a revolutionary new engine that could change the future of space exploration. The new engine operates what officials are describing as a Microwave Thruster System. The engine requires no propellant in order to generate thrust. The engine provides movement using nothing but electricity, according to reports.

Top scientists from NASA say that the initial tests on the engine show that it provided up to 50 micro-newtons of thrust. The test was carried out in a state of the art facilities with tools that are capable of measuring in extremely precise measurements of up to a single micro-newton.

Although it only produced a small amount of thrust at the Houston based space centre, the fact that the engine works could lead to a massive breakthrough which will, in the future, cut down the high expenses that space travel relies on due to no longer needing to provide so much fuel to power the engines of the rockets.

Many scientists had previously claimed that an engine working using this method would be ‘impossible’, so the development could lead to a huge shift in our understanding of physics, and could mark a whole new generation of scientific findings.

The idea was originally invented by UK based scientist Roger Shawyer and operates on concentrated microwaves bouncing within a small, enclosed container.

The scientists ideas were widely rejected by other scientists, who believed that due to breaking several physical laws, most notably the Conservation of Momentum law, but in 2012 Chinese scientists reproduced his work and also found out that it worked.

Some scientists warn against becoming optimistic about the engine due to the amount of questions still unanswered about the technology.

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  1. This is interesting. Who would've thunk it? It's amazing the things we can do with frequency. Tesla had it figured out a long time ago. I'm a fan of his.


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