Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Remington to settle lawsuits over rifle’s trigger mechanism

The articles says that millions of the Remington 700's have been sold since 1962 and that they have been aware of the problem with them firing when the safety is clicked off or when the bolt is opened or closed since at least 1979.

There are currently 3 class action suits against Remington for this issue and this one has been settled now but the details have not been released.

It seems at the very least there will be a recall.

I bet the dinks at GM hope the news cycle picks this up and runs with it for a while.

The Remington Arms Co. has reached a nationwide settlement of claims that most of its Model 700 bolt-action hunting rifles have a defective trigger mechanism — a settlement likely to include the recall of millions of the popular firearm.

Attorneys for Remington and the plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit against the company did not respond Monday to requests for comment on a “notice of settlement” filed last week in federal court in Missouri.

Yet Richard Barber, a Montana man who’s been saying for a dozen years that many of the Model 700 are defective and should be recalled, indicated Monday that a recall is part of the settlement.

“It does accomplish what I want to accomplish,” he told the Lee Newspapers State Bureau. “I guess it’s safe to say, it’s better late than never. …

“As a whole, (the settlement) represents the best interests of the public. It will save lives, it will save limbs.”

The lawsuit says more than 5 million Model 700 bolt-action rifles have been sold since 1962.

This is just a snippet from the article.

There are more details of what exactly they believe is causing the problem and more information about the lawsuits at the link.

H/T to FARK news for the link.

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  1. My (used...gifted to me, but like new)700 fired as I took it off safe. Scared the shit outta me. Took it to a gunsmith, and he said the thread locker on one of the trigger adjustment screws was broken, indicating the previous owner had fucked with it in order to "lighten up the trigger pull."

    I told him to reset the trigger pull to factory specs, lock that fucker down, and test it. He did so, and said it functioned fine and that he couldn't get it to fire when he took it off safe.

    Cool story, right? It's all true, but it doesn't matter now anyway 'cuz when I learned guns are dangerous and scary and hurt kids and puppies I gave the 700 and all my other guns to the nice government man with a badge.

    I feel much more better and safer now.


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