Sunday, June 22, 2014

How to Throw a Knife: Different Styles | COMBAT KNIFE THROWING

This is a pretty informative video that discusses what they call the 3 different schools of thought on knife throwing and then goes into a new, fourth school that they came up with. It has great slow motion shots and explanations of technique.

This isn't circus act stuff and even goes into throwing other sharp pointy things that may be handy in a pinch plus long blade throwing.


  1. Knife throwing, AKA; giving your enemy your weapon while looking cool. The only thing more stupid is; throwing your firearm at the enemy. Seriously you've seen too many action movies-grow up.

  2. It's obviously controversial and I am not a huge fan,it's something I messed with for a while when I was young and it was either this or boobs again.

  3. While there is some truth with the idea of throwing a knife one is throwing it away.... There are also other reasons why learning to throw a knife is a good idea. One is, it is a way to get small game to eat without the noise of a gun shot. Also, and yes, one should be very good at knife throwing....IF one ever has to use it as a thrown weapon. True, there may never be a need for doing it...BUT....then again I can see situations where it may be necessary. I think the bottom line on that is....Are you really good enough and fast enough to pull it off?

  4. Thanks for the vid, Of course I like it. I'm not throwing a weapon that will be used against me. First,You gotta think of your steel as bullets or arrows. I 'm a bad man, but I doubt that I could pull 9 inches of steel outa my chest and throw it back at the attacker. Secondly, Guns don't always win. ( Anonymous) If you keep up with that attitude, You will learn that the hard way. Thirdly, Most ( live) folks don't got a clue what happens in a real fight. Cause they bring the stupid with them and get dead real quick. Figure it this way, If you bring a gun to a fight with me, Thanks for the gun and I'm pissing on your corpse. Cause the last thing gone through your mind is about 9 inches of Tanto. 3 inches of it is sticking through the top of the perps skull. The fight was done when the blade crossed the hypothalamus region of the skull..... I really did like that video.


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