Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Obama Expected To Tap Navy Cyber Warfare Chief To Head NSA

To put the most positive spin on this I can think of, at least we are finally getting rid of our generations version of J. Edgar Hoover when Keith Alexander retires in March.

The NFG (New Fucking Guy) is Michael S. Rogers, a lot younger than Alexander yet has 30 years in the Navy behind him.
According to the article I am going to snip from here in a second, he is a sharp guy and has a more conservative outlook on collecting data than Alexander has.

That would be a welcome change in my book.

Navy cyber warfare chief is Obama's pick to lead NSA

By Ken Dilanian

January 27, 2014, 8:11 p.m.

WASHINGTON — Navy cryptologist Michael S. Rogers is President Obama's top choice to take over the embattled National Security Agency — which conducts electronic surveillance operations worldwide — and the Pentagon's cyber warfare command, officials say.

Rogers' experience includes 30 years in the Navy, where he rose to vice admiral and managed the intelligence portfolio for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Currently, he runs the Navy's cyber warfare arm.

Obviously a career Navy man, he is the same age I am at 54.

If he is nominated he still has to be confirmed by the Senate but I can't see any of those spineless bastards having a problem with this guy though.

Former colleagues praise Rogers' experience and judgment, and say he is suited for such a sensitive position.

"Mike was a class act — professional, dedicated, cheerful even under enormous pressure, wicked smart," John Nagl, a former Army counter-insurgency expert who knew Rogers when they both worked for the Joint Chiefs, wrote in an email. "I can think of no one I trust more implicitly to make the important calls about balancing privacy and national security that if confirmed he will make many times a day."

Richard "Dickie" George, the former technical director of the NSA's information assurance directorate, called Rogers "probably the best guy that we know of to take over that job."

"He's not an Alexander, but maybe that's good at this point in time," he added. "Alexander was trying to push the envelope as far as he could, but Rogers is much more conservative."

Alexander, who has led the NSA since 2005 and is the agency's longest-serving director, made no apologies for using the NSA's vast eavesdropping powers to collect everything possible within the law, both at home and abroad. Rogers is expected to give more weight to threats to privacy, risk of exposure and perceptions abroad.

There is more at the link here.

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