Thursday, January 16, 2014

Do You Truly Grasp Just How Fragile Your Access To The Goods You Need To Stay Alive Really Is?

Time and again we have seen the shelves stripped bare in a matter of minutes when a natural disaster is about to pound some part of this country.
It happens every year.

Do you truly grasp how fragile this system of Just In Time Inventory really is?

I seriously doubt it.

Ask someone who survived Katrina or Super Storm Sandy.

They will tell you horror stories of the inability to get basic commodities and things like potable water or fuel.

Take a couple of minutes and watch this video about the logistics of getting a bottle of drinking water to the shelves at your local market.

Then realize they completely glossed over the roll the trucking industry has in the process.

Damn near EVERYTHING you buy in this country was brought in by truck.

Watch this and then think about where you are at if this system breaks down, again.

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