Saturday, December 28, 2013

Piers Morgan Runs His Mouth One Too Many Times

As usual the asshole was talking smack, this time about Cricket players and the challenge was issued.
Hilarity ensues as he gets whacked by multiple 90 mile an hour fast balls.

I'll give him credit for not pussing out but you know damn good and well he felt that shit later.

When CNN's Piers Morgan criticized England's cricket team in November for being "too slow," former Australian fast bowler Brett Lee challenged him to a one-on-one battle so Morgan could get a taste of what the game is really like. But we never actually thought he'd do it.

We were very wrong. On Thursday, in front of the entire stadium at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia, Morgan suited up to face 6 balls from one of the fastest bowlers in the world.

Keep flapping your gums asshole, you will get what you are asking for.

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