Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Have A Much Better Idea

Can you believe this shit?

Fairfax City to try a new approach to deer: surgical sterilization of does

Yeah, I have a much better idea, EAT THE MOTHERFUCKERS!! That's what they are for you dumb sonsabitches!

I just want to bang my fucking head on an anvil when I see stupid assed shit like this!

As the District and its highly populated suburbs grapple with their expanding deer populations, Fairfax City is planning a new approach: tranquilize and capture all the female deer in the six-square-mile city, take them to a surgical table and sterilize them to keep them from reproducing. The entire process, from “darting” to release, takes about 90 minutes. If Fairfax City receives clearance from the state Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, officials said it will be the first jurisdiction in Virginia to try the sterilization approach.

It’s an approach much preferred by animal rights groups, as opposed to straight deer killing, and Fairfax City Mayor Scott Silverthorne said that the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals connected him with a non-profit group called White Buffalo Inc. White Buffalo is run by Anthony J. DeNicola, a wildlife ecologist who has been actively involved in deer research for 25 years. He said he has studied the possibility of sterilizing deer by vaccine, but said the vaccines just aren’t strong enough to last yet.

So in the last four years, he has launched surgical sterilization programs in four other locations around the country, including one in Baltimore County, with no immediate repercussions. Now, with Fairfax City prepared to join the project, the research database will grow for examining its effectiveness in humanely reducing the herds which destroy vegetation, transport diseased ticks and leap in front of moving vehicles. Silverthorne said the sterilization process will not cost the taxpayers money: White Buffalo is funding it with its own resources.



And when they are all done the little Bambi makers will still be eating everything in sight, wandering around in traffic causing accidents and transporting ticks and fleas around.


If you can dart the fucker you can shoot it.
If they can dart it and spay it in less that 90 minutes, it can be shot, dressed out and cleaned, wrapped and in a freezer in 90.


  1. Wonder how long it will be before one of those idiots gets the idea of doing that to humans??? After all the worlds population is getting larger. Seems if I recall.....didn't the Nazis' do this sort of thing?

  2. A few years back there was an overpopulation of deer on the grounds of the city water treatment plant where I live. The city decided to have a special hunt to crop the deer. Bow only. The hunters herded the deer into a corner of the chain link fence that surrounds the plant. Then they proceeded to make pin cushions out of the deer. Wasn't pretty. Wasn't sporting. But it got the job done.

  3. Trust, extend the season and eliminate bag limits and we'll take care of the overpopulation problem. And for all the PETA seat-wetters, a bullet to the heart or head is a helluva lot more humane than performing surgery on a wild animal and then releasing it back to its habitat.

  4. According to peta et al animals have the same feelings and emotions as humans. Would they then not feel violated an bereft at not being able to reproduce. Or do such things not matter when they make the decisions!
    We own extensive woodland here in the UK that we manage by coppicing. Without culling the deer would destroy our business, so we build brash hedges to keep them out and plant willow outside of the hedges. Then we shoot quite a number of them each year to keep the numbers down. It is amazing how many friends you have when you give awayvenison down the pub. I haven't had to buy a drink in years lol!


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