Monday, November 18, 2013

What He Said

I have been watching this back and forth bullshit with that prick Mike Vanderboegh and Kerodin,and several other right minded folks go on for some time now. Years as a matter of fact.
He tried fucking with Bill Nye but Bill shut his ass down hard. Let me tell ya, if you are smart, don't fuck with Bill.

As a matter of fact, ya shouldn't be fucking with any of these people.

Ol' Mikey done shit in his nest pretty good here lately though.

He pissed off Kenny.

Kenny, being the straight forward guy he is, let him have it.

Kenny pretty much arranged the pixels on the screen to reflect my thoughts exactly.

I ain't gonna mince words here, I have no use for Vanderboegh.


I started to read some of his stuff years ago but shortly after I did was when the brick throwing post went up and that was it for me.

I recognized the modus operendi of an agent provocatuer right away but it was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I had to go back a couple more times just to confirm that there were indeed people who would do his bidding.

The fact that some people actually went out and did what he exhorted on his Blog goes a long ways towards explaining why the Patriot community is so fractured.
. I mean really, throwing rocks through windows at political campaign headquarters because some guy on the internet told you to and you thought that was a great idea?

I certainly don't want to be associating with people that fucking stupid.

I would still be blissfully unaware of what the guy is up to if not for the fact that he feels the need to fuck with people all the time.

My advice, for what it's worth, is to treat him like the attention whore he is and just fucking ignore his ass.

I realize there are lines that people have to draw when it comes to being personally attacked by the fuckhead but for the most part you would be hitting him where it hurts most by ignoring him. The folks mentioned above are more than able to take care of themselves but I don't like watching people I like have to take the time and energy to keep responding to the old bastard.

We all have better things to do.


  1. Can't say that I've ever read his stuff. Guess being new to the game has its advantages.

  2. My question to ol' Vanderboob is: Who the fuck do you work for? My question to the fucktards who follow him is: how the hell can you trust this guy?! In 2010 he held a memory stick up in front of a gathering of folks and said "Absolved" was done and going to the publisher. Three years later he still takes "Absolved Days". Three fucking years? Really, Mikey? Meh. Not to mention what would happen to you or I if we got popped for "dirty carry". No jail time, Mikey? AND got your gun back?!! Never got busted for "inciting violence" for the brick thing? Hmmm..... Smells like rat...

  3. I don't know or follow either of them. Personally I would be wary of a convicted felon, but then the other guy was a commie. Now, that don't always mean anything. I mean if the feds really want to fuck with you they are not above making shit up. And that whore Jane Fonda apologized too but I still won't watch any of her movies. I would not trust anyone with my money, especially to build a so called citadel in the middle of nowhere but that's me. For that matter, they probably would not want my ass either. That said, I do not wish them ill, and if they are sincere, I truly hope they succeed. I support the cause, of any Constitution loving patriot. As long as they are real, and sincere. This Kerodin guy scares me a bit with some of his rants, but even though I do not personally know Kenny, he seems to be an all right Patriot. Down to earth, I love that, and he vouches for him. But it don't matter, even if Kerodin is a con man, not saying he is. I have nothing invested. I just hope he is sincere, and wish him best of luck if he is. Hope my comment is coherent.

  4. Yeah .... I been watchin this for a while now ..... I was surprised at the vitriol going on between the antagonists and their supporters . Too bad ..... I've seen educational material on both sites . Ah well...... let em have at it , I ain't got no iron's in that fire . W. Russell


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