Thursday, November 14, 2013

Speaking Of Guns, I Need Some Advice

If that doesn't get attention I don't know what will,it's more certain than boobs around here.

While the dust is settling after my last post about the AK and reading some of the comments, I was wondering if anyone has thoughts on customizing a Remington semi auto 30-06? Right off the top of my head without looking I want to say it's a Model 730.
It's very similar to this 750 and might be,right now It's put away.

Mainly I am wondering if someone makes a ten or thirty round magazine for it. Also maybe a synthetic stock? I'm sure someone makes them but anyone with personal experiences opinion would be nice.

It's a hell of a rifle but in it's original configuration it's kind of a pain, literally.
The damn thing kicks like a Missouri mule for one thing. It has no recoil pad on the butt, just a steel plate.
A few rounds of that with my skinny ass and my shoulder starts crying like a little bitch.
I ain't a weenie so my brain says shut up and shoot bitch but seriously, who needs their shoulder relocated?

It's also heavy as hell. Right now I don't have a scope on it and that is going to be high on the list but the mag issue is my biggest concern right now.

Don't be bashful, jump right in.

Links would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I believe the old Eagle company used to make 10 round mags for the Remington Pump rifles (model 760?) that should work with the semi auto. I think Eagle was also one of the first makers of after market 10-22 mags. Get a good recoil pad installed and see if someone can make a quality muzzle brake/flash suppressor. My father who grew up in Vermont and New Hampshire used to complain that the Remington Semi-Autos if fired more than a couple of rounds fast would heat up and jam. Not sure if it is a system issue or just one rifle.


    Numrich has been good to me.

    Haven't done business with these folks myself, but others have and were happy:

    1. Thanks for the links.
      There is some nice stuff out there alright.
      My pockets aren't deep enough for some of those goodies though.

      I'm just going to have to update the old ass kicker a little at a time I see.

      Nothing wrong with that, a butt pad for starters.
      It shoots just fine as it is.

  3. Bad, bad, bad. That design has a terrible reputation of beating out the back of the receiver by the bolt - and then one day the bolt does not come home to battery.

    Stay away - far away. Get an FN FAL, an AR10, PTR 91 -anything but one of these walking time bombs. They were junk when they were 742s, they were junk as 7400 and they are junk now.

    1. Well, I didn't get hurt on it, I only paid $150 for it back in April so I should be able to recover that pretty damn easily then.
      It's in good condition too.

  4. Although I don't regard this platform as being junk, it does have its limitations which limits its desirability as a MBR.

    Aftermarket mags tend to generate a lot of failure to feed jams, due to their poor tolerances. 10rd mags especially. Some are even fussy about which factory mag will work properly. This applies to pumps as well.

    It tends to puke a lot of hot gas back into the mechanicals The little plastic shield in the action is a necessity. It will run without it, but you'll wish you hadn't.

    Sustained fire from extended capacity mags will cause heat induced failures. Case rim breakage due to seizing in the chamber , leading to a double feed jam. (M2 ball ammo - from experience)

    On a positive note, the piece I base my experience with is fairly accurate out to 400yds. Not a tack driver, but it gets the job done. I could see it filling in as a poor man's DMR. It kicks a lot less than a bolt gun, and like you noted - fairly cheap. It is what it is - a decent deer rifle.

    If you absolutely HAVE to have a '06 MBR, the Garand would still be my first choice. Followed closely by this :

    Whitehall, NY

    1. Thank you Leigh.
      I love the internet.


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