Saturday, November 30, 2013

Caturday; Christmas Wish List Edition

I WANT 3!!
Fucking cats on my counters and kitchen table piss me clear off, it is a constant battle around here.

I have trained my cat by throwing my hat at it. All I have to do now is move my hand towards my forehead and that motherfucker peels out trying to find cover. It took a while but it is most effective. I have drilled it at full gallop from my chair and rolled it before.

My wife forbids me from training her little asshole cat that way so I have to intimidate his ass in a different way.

A couple of these babies would do the job for me.

I've been good, I promise....



  1. That oughta do it.That's funny right there.

  2. I use those things to keep the cats at bay in my shop. They work as advertised.


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