Saturday, October 12, 2013

For Those Who Still Think It's Going To Make Any Difference......


  1. What a sad thought because it will be us who wind up being restrained more than ever from exercising our liberties.

  2. That is if we do not get our arses out there to vote out some dems in the Senate and to hold onto the seats we have in the House. After Obama's last win though, it seems unlikely but we have to try.

    1. And... you think a house and senate full of repukocrats will make a difference? Even with a repukocrat president?

    2. Ahhh, no, actually.
      The Republicans are just as bad if not worse than the current crop of jack asses on the other side of the aisle.
      That's why the title says, 'If you think it will make any difference", because I don't.

  3. Sadly, withe split in the Republican Party we will probably wind up with a douchebag like Christie running.


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