Monday, October 7, 2013

Contrary To What You See On Television

Autopsies are actually pretty rare.

Because my Dad had a reaction to a heart medication that basically chemically burned his lungs that is so rare there are only 3 or 4 reported cases in the entire nation,it was decided to do an autopsy to see if there is any reason for me and my brother to be aware if it is genetically predisposed and also so that more study can be done to potentially help someone else down the road.

It is so rare that it is not even listed as a possible side effect.

Think of all the fucking commercials you see these days with a laundry list of possible side effects and then go OOPS, missed that one!

Apparently only the Medical Examiner or a Doctor can order one,if you request one and either of those two don't, you get to pay.

I can only imagine how many zero's are behind that bill. We got lucky and talked his Cardio Doctor into ordering one.

Also, a clue we got how rare they are is that when we got the forms, it was noticed that the dates to be filled out were in the 1900's!

____ _____ 19___

And because the process of going about making funeral arrangements isn't a joy in and of its self, lets throw in a curveball because of the motherfucking Government Shutdown!

My Dad was a Navy Veteran.
He is eligible to be buried with full military honors at Willamette National Cemetery but because of the fucking assholes playing political games, that falls under Government Services and we all know that shit is temporarily shut down.

That presents a bit of a quandary.

I was told that they are operating at an extremely limited level, this week, no one seems to know about next week.

What the fuck are ya supposed to do, leave him in a fucking freezer like yesterdays meat loaf?

I'm here to tell ya that I am in NO FUCKING MOOD to play fucky fuck games here folks.

If you piss me off to the point that I go ape fucking shit be very aware that I have a very convenient plea at my disposal at this point in time and I bet you can guess what that is.

So I suggest for everyone's sake that we just take care of this business as quickly as possible before someone winds up in the emergency room to have a size eleven boot surgically removed from their asshole.



  1. Phil, you have my sympathy both on the loss of your father and the government preventing honourable interment.

  2. I'm sorry about your father, it happened to a friend of mine about four years ago. I suspect it happens more than reported. My condolences.

    You might try contacting your area Patriot Guard Senior Ride Captain. They usually know the personnel at the National Cemeteries well, they may be able to help.



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