Sunday, September 8, 2013

You Have Got To Be Shitting Me,107-year-old man killed in police shootout in Arkansas

This is so far off the charts there isn't even a horizon anymore.
What, ya couldn't just wait for the old fucker to nod off?

Beyond asinine, these fucking assholes should be afraid to show their faces in public.

107-year-old man killed in police shootout in Arkansas
(CNN) -- A man who police said was 107 years old was killed in a confrontation with SWAT officers Saturday night.

Police were called to a home in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where suspect Monroe Isadore was.

"When they arrived, they were able to determine that an aggravated assault had occurred against two people at the residence," Lt. David E. Price, a Pine Bluff police spokesman, said in a statement.

The two victims were led out of the house.

It was not clear what role the suspect had in the aggravated assaults or what they were.

When officers approached a bedroom where Isadore was hiding, he fired through the door, authorities said.

None of the police officers was hit by the gunfire. They retreated to a safer area and called for additional help, including SWAT officers who started negotiations with the suspect.

SWAT officers slipped a camera into the room where Isadore was holed up and saw he was armed with a handgun, Price said.

After unsuccessful negotiations, officers slipped gas into the room through a window, he said, and Isadore fired rounds at them.

The officers broke the bedroom door and hurled in a distraction device, and Isadore fired at them again, according to the spokesman's statement.

Officers returned fire, killing him.

A hundred and seven.

Can you fucking BELIEVE this shit?

Jesus Christ.

I'm sure to listen to these Hut Hut Hut idiots when they peeked in this is what they saw.

Then they had to go change their underwear.

I don't give a rusty fuck what these punk assed bitches say, a hundred and seven year old man is going to take a fucking nap after a bit and all they had to do was order in a fucking pizza and sit down and wait.

Shame on you sonsabitches.


  1. Stone cold killers who carry a license for humans. Take these bastards off their fucking pedestal.

  2. Wait till we find out it was a revolver and he was out of .22s.

  3. I don't know about you, but checking out at 107 in a shootout with the cops is in close contention for "Most Badass Ways To Go" in my book.

    1. Good point. Maybe he was eat up with cancer and decided this was better than months of pain and suffering.

  4. No finer way of "Protecting and Serving." My hat's off to these "brave" men of the blue. Without these "guardians" people would be forced to live to 120 years.


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