Monday, September 30, 2013

More Political Brinksmanship

I am pretty much sick and tired of the fucking games these assholes seem to insist on playing these days. Buncha damn Drama Queens, they are as bad as a cheezy fucking Soap Opera,.
Come midnight tomorrow, we may or may not have a functional government.
I should rephrase that I think.

That bunch are the poster children for dysfunctional morons.

What may actually happen is that the government will run out of money.

Oops, I did it again.
We have been broke for years.

What they are dicking around with is a six week extension to fund the government to keep it from shutting down and throwing hundreds of thousands of government employees out of work.

If you have somehow managed to miraculously miss hearing about this, you are to be commended and envied.

All ya gotta do is Google "Government Shutdown" and there will be scads of articles with finger pointing galore.

I ain't linking to a single one either.

Fuck those clowns.

Someone let me know when they decide to get serious about the problems facing this country.

I will have my thermal underwear on and be waiting for a ride to Hell when that happens.


  1. I honestly can't see a downside to shutting down the Government. Calling all the "essential" services out just makes it obvious that most of it is unnecessary life support for union scum. Fund the military (including Coast Guard) and border patrol, and let the rest of the bureaucracy starve to death. That's a win IMHO.

    Yes, I could be called a heartless bastard.

  2. Ya know, the USSR wasn't paying the troops when they collapsed either.

    Congress is full of people unfit for their jobs.


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