Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Armaggedon Up Close And Personal

Holy. Shit..

The tornado that decimated Moore Oklahoma yesterday was estimated to be TWO MILES WIDE.

I don't give a rusty fuck what your politics are, these are Americans and they are going to desperately need our help.

Dig in your ass pocket and give.
We all see just how effective the Federal response to natural disasters is. Folks from the Sandy Hurricane are still all fucked up and it took those rotten motherfuckers in Congress THREE FUCKING MONTHS to authorize relief spending while people were living in tents in the dead of winter on the North East coast.

As for the ultimate irony, both Oklahoma Senators have consistently voted against Federal disaster funding. Lets not wait to see how long it takes for those two assholes to stick their hands out now.

Here is the link to the local Red Cross in Oklahoma.
Give directly to them or any Church organizations you know of.

Do it now.


  1. I thought yo were a Patriot....Your just like everyone else in wanting the government to do something its not suppose to do...Its charity's job to help those in need not the government...Learn a little history before yo start ranting about the government needing to take care of those people...

    1. You do know that the Red Cross isn't the government, right?

    2. When does the Senate vote to give money to the red cross...That's quite a response talk about deflecting...I didn't say anything about not wanting to give to those in need..I just don't want a gun held to my head telling me I have to..Like I said I thought you were a patriot but by your response your just another dumb ass...

    3. Ahh, I see what you are getting at now.

      Your point is taken, there is nothing in the Constitution regarding this.

      So,because they put a gun to my head also and take nearly forty percent of my earnings out in deductions, including Federal taxes and FEMA is a Federal Government agency supposedly devoted to help people in situations just like this and I think they should actually USE that money for it's designated purpose, I'm an asshole and not any kind of Patriot in your eyes.
      I get it.

      Questioning my patriotism is a non starter pal.
      Your criteria and definition may be different than mine, that does not give you license to be the judge of such things.

      The reality is that there is no "charity" organization on this planet big enough to even begin to help these people rebuild their lives and that is also a fact.

      A smart survivalist uses any resources available, all the better if they come from your antagonist.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments.

    4. You get that... I don't think so...There is a little thing called insurance...Why should I be forced to help those who don't help themselves...I lost my job for six months once and I didn't ask the government to come give me a hand but I had enough saved up to live my life even if I had to cut way back on some things...We as a society have gotten used to not saving anything and living beyond our means and then when disaster hits yelling for somebody to come save us...Advocating theft isn't in a Patriots vocabulary even if its for a cause you believe in..Here is a link you might want to read.. http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig4/ellis1.html

    5. I thought of the insurance about ten minutes after I wrote that while on my way to work.

      Okay Mr. Lineman, I read the piece you linked to, again. it has been many years since I first saw that, about thirty as a matter of fact.

      Now I see exactly what you are talking about and I was wrong.
      I have no problem admitting it.

      Thank you for your persistence, I will commence doing some studying tomorrow night after I get off work, I just put in a twelve hour day but wanted to respond to you.

      Thank you again for taking the time to leave your thoughts.

    6. There's the Patriot I knew I could bring out if I persisted...I love giving money to those who are in need...If the government hadn't created the problem in the first place we the people wouldn't have to fight about the solution..Thanks for being man enough to post my comments..I will enjoy fighting by your side for liberty...

  2. Agreed. Folks need help, now. We can argue politics on another day.

    Got family in Oklahoma myself.

  3. "Oklahoma Senators have consistently voted against Federal disaster funding" and it looks like they had a hand in designing the Red Cross site for donations.
    It won't take a contribution from outside the States. Idiots.


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