Monday, July 17, 2017

It's That Time Again

We fucking love that joint and there is one right up the street on the main drag.
You gotta have that gravy on the hash browns man.
It's good shit.

I would be surprised if I get a chance to post anything tomorrow as we have a road trip down the coast to see the Redwoods from here and then back all in one shot.
That's a lot of seat time.

Plus we have to drive straight through my old home town to get there so there will be a certain amount of rubbernecking at that point.


  1. Oh Man! that brings back some memories! I used to co own the little RV park in Waldport and I would go to the Pig N' Pancake when ever I could get away for a couple hours! Good food and goof company, especially in the winter when most of the tourists where gone.

  2. I hated those rats with wings though!

  3. I worked at the ODFW office on the second floor of the P&P in Newport for over four years. every morning at work, I wanted to just go down stairs and order breakfast. I actually did a time or two. Now I'm a half a block from the Fishtails Cafe, and a block from the Lighthouse Deli on the South side of the bridge.

  4. Below Port Orford...bout 5 miles South of the Dinosaur tourist trap...when you next have the beach on one side and fields of cows on the other...honk a couple of times and I'll wave as you go by.

  5. Watch out for the seagull shit!



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