Saturday, June 3, 2017

It's The Little Things That Really Aggravate Me

Right now I'm really fucking aggravated too.

Back around the turn of the century I bought this 18 volt Ryobi power tool set from sumdood in a bar that needed some money to buy his kids some Christmas presents he said.

It was basically brand new at the time, I was drunk and had too much money in my pocket so I gave him $150 for it.
They were a little over $200 at the time but like I said, I was lit up

Over the years I have used the shit out it.
I dropped the flashlight once and had to go through hell to find another 18 volt bulb but other than that it was pretty trouble free for many years.
I eventually ditched the big plastic case because it took up so much space too.

Eventually the batteries started to go shithouse and wouldn't hold a charge so I would go buy a couple and keep right on going.
The drill crapped out once but I found a brand new one at Home Depot for $20 in a bin all by its self once so I was back in business.

Later I bought the radio,

and then the little impact gun.

That little thing is the shit boys.

Over the years since then I have had to buy a couple of sets of batteries and I always write the date on them with a Sharpie to kind of keep track of them.
Those batteries aren't cheap.
About $50 a pair.

Recently I started having battery problems again.
I was kicking myself because about a year ago Home Depot had a huge sale on the damn things and they had a buttload of them.
Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda, had I only known then what I know now.

Have I mentioned that Home Depot are the only motherfuckers that sell Ryobi shit around here?
Yeah, real convenient that.

So earlier today I made yet another dump run trying to get rid of some of the crap out in that damn garage and while I was out and about I happened to remember there was one of those Home Depot's not too far away from the dump and while I was out I should go snag a couple of batteries for that Ryobi set.

Let the fun begin.

They don't sell the old style batteries anymore.
Now you have to get the Lihium fuckers.

Of course these little babies ain't cheap either, because,

You ain't buying just a damn battery pack.

The good news?
The new batteries fit the older style tools.

The bad news?
You have to buy the new charger because the old one won't charge the new style batteries.

Go ahead and ask me how I know this, I dare you.

Dirty, fucking, bastards.

Because I originally had 4 batteries to be able to run a couple tools and the radio all at the same time while one was charging, I bought four new batteries. Normally $35 each, I got two, two packs for $100.
So, $25 each, right?
I'm such a smart feller.

After I got home I found out the old charger don't do the trick.

Back to Home Fucking Depot and get the new style charger.

While I was there, I see they have the same kit I bought from sumdood all those years ago except all brand new goodies with a charger, extra battery and all for $199 and here I am into this fucking deal $150 just to get some fucking batteries that work.

Sometimes I wonder about my sanity.

I'm not buying the new kit because fuck you that's why.

When my old stuff starts taking a shit, THEN I will get the new stuff.
I will already have extra batteries and all just fucking waiting.

Wanna hear the bestest part of this whole fucking deal now?
Just for shits and grins I tried plugging in one of the old batteries that the old charger refused to charge anymore into the new charger and the fucking thing is charging it back up.


  1. do you'self a favor. when the ryobi goes tits up, buy dewalt. i had ryobi set, batteries suck wind. got a dewalt when i started building my house. that was 07. the whole set still runs with way more power than the ryobi. went thru several batteries, but they built my damn house! still have a ryobi drill for the ol lady to hang pictures n shit, cause the dewalt might twist her arm with the torque, lol. but its on the last leg.


    Lots of choices.

    1. All well and good except this was a spur of the moment deal.
      When it started going downhill the blinders went on and my stubborn streak took total control.
      A Pyrrhic victory is still a win and I'll take it.

    2. Here's another.

      Yeah, I know it's only 12V. Still, it kicks ass. Two power tools, two batteries, and a charger for $139.

    3. When I worked construction my boss bought me that Ryobi set. Now I was saving up for the DeWalt cordless set, because what serious carpenter shows up with Ryobi.

      But I'll be damned if that Ryobi drill didn't take a decade plus of beating. Outlasted my Makita cordless.

      Finally replaced with Milwaukee because of the battery situation you tell of.

  3. Don't feel bad, I did the same with a Sears drill, bought 2 batteries and a new charger and then later realized a new set was cheaper all around. It's gone tits up since then and I know it's somewhere in the garage still.

  4. As Greg said, the Ryobi has outlasted my Makita cordless drill.
    There is a place not too far from us called Direct Tools. Part of their stock is reconditioned Ryobi tools and batteries. We have had no problems with the reconditioned tools and batteries and have added more variety of tools because I could buy several of the Ryobi tools for less than one of the Dewalt or Hitachi.
    And although as pointed out the new batteries are more expensive and need a new charger, they run the tools much much longer.

  5. Youtube videos show how to re-condition re-chargables. I do it. My batteries last decades.

  6. when were you ever sane?


  7. I have the same set and ran into the same issue with the batteries and the 18V bulbs. Now I have the new charger and batteries. The lithium batteries run forever compared to the old NiMH. For the bulbs, I found a 2-pack of 18V bulbs with the DeWalt brand name on it, at one of the big-box hardware stores. They work with the Ryobi as well.

  8. We bought one of the 'suitcase' tool deals from DE FAULT [the yellow outfit] back in the day and found when time came for battery replacement, they quit making the originals or a newer model. NEVER EVER Dewalt, not one more thin dime. soapweed


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