Monday, April 3, 2017

Welcome To Geezerdom

I remember I had a matching pair at one time, silver/chrome pot metal with the fake pearl plastic grips and a belt with two holsters to go with them. They were heavy.
My best guess would be 1965 or 66.

Don't remember what ever happened to the set. I had several different cap guns over the years when I was a kid.

Fuckin' things would probably be worth a small fortune now.

The kid and his girlfriend just walked in and I showed this to them and asked if they had ever played with these when they were kids, they are both 19 years old.
They both didn't even know what it was and I had to explain it to them.

This country is fuckin' doomed man.


  1. Oh, yeah. I had the silver and fake pearl revolver, too.

    Remember Greenie stick-em caps? I remember having something that kinda looked like a Walther PPK with greenie caps when the Bond movies started getting popular. 67/68?

  2. Doomed, indeed. As a young lad, I took a roll of caps and set in on edge on the anvil in our barn and hit is with a 5 pound sledge. Worked great! My ears rang for two hours. That was back in the day when kids could still gain experience from 'bad judgment' while they were young enough to heal up and learn.

    I remember the Greenie caps too. Had a Matel Six Shooter of some kind with fake stag horn grips. You pushed the plastic 'bullets' into the spring-loaded 'cases' and then stuck a greenie on the back. Belt and holster were leather too.

    Those caps were black powder, so most of those toy guns just rusted away.

  3. Oh, I had all of those toys, and I can do you one stupider, I mean, better. I would hold a .22 shell by the bullet with pliers, and hold a match under the primer until the thing shot the case over the top of the tree in our front yard. I never got caught doing that, but I suspect that I might have been asked by my parents not to do it anymore. Forcefully. Life was fun when we were kids, wasn't it?

  4. Yep, I was once the proud owner of a "Have Gun Will Travel" two gun rig -- seem to recall it had a little derringer that fit into the belt buckle; must have been 58 or 59. I kinda wish I still had it...


  5. We'd take the roll of caps and hit it with a hammer...Surprised I can still hear from being a kid...
    Also my nextdoor neighbors had a rat on a rope..Always yapping.One day it bit me for no reason...I took .22's pulled the bullet.put a bb in and waxed over it..That little bitch would be out sleeping in the sun. From my roof "Pop"..Not too loud and no real harm to the mutt...Got back to it!..The statue of limitations is over after 55yrs..isn't it??
    Wouldn't try that today.....:+)....


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