Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Uhm Yeah, Could I Have Three Chicken Soft Tacos?

A diet Coke and a couple of chicks wailing on each other while I'm waiting?


  1. Yup, chick fights are pretty awesome alright. What breaks me up is the screaming while fight is underway.

    Even metrosexual guy fights are funny to look at. They take a wild swing, then just wrestle down to ground. That or some really faked Kung Fu kicks they learned from the movies. Damn entertaining.

  2. I saw one of those girliemen try the "Kung Fu" moves on a guy that knew how to fight.

    He grabbed him by the ankle as his wild kick went by, twisted his ankle, and the dumbfuck on the ground faster than you could drop your double mocha soy latte in horror.

    It was hilarious to see the "Kung Fu Expert" on the ground screaming like the little pussy he is....


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