Thursday, March 2, 2017

Time To Go

I have been dealing with the wife's broke down fucking car all morning and now it's time to go to That Place again.
As usual, the kid was driving the fucker when it shit the bed.
I got a text that it was broke down and wouldn't start last night after he ran into a burger joint.Something about a rattle, a squeal and a belt.
Nightmare visions of a twin cam engine with a broken timing belt flew through my mind.
Grilling the kid this morning directly led me to lean towards a water pump that let go and the serpentine belt jumping.

Sure as shit that's what it is.

The tow truck guy just dumped it off and parts are gonna be around $110.
Guess what else?
It's supposed to rain all weekend and the lease here forbids working on cars in the garage.


Have some boobs until I get back.

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