Monday, February 6, 2017

I've Seen More Than A Few

At one time Portland was reportedly the city with the most strip clubs per 100,000 people with over 50.
I'm pretty sure I never hit them all in the whole city but I know for a fact that I have been to over half of them.
It was the thing back in the late 80's.
I have personally lived mere blocks from several. I even had a neighbor chick once who was a stripper.

Oh the stories I could tell......

I've been slapped, thrown out, carried out, dragged out and passed out. Had beer poured on me and have mud wrestled two chicks at once.
Pissed a couple of them off so bad they walked out and quit.
I'm sure over the years I dumped several thousand dollars into them too.
Ever priced a beer or a drink in one of those joints?


Good times though, good times.


  1. so whom nailed you into "hubby"?


  2. I've dated more than a couple back in the 80s. Sad bunch of bitches, really.

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