Friday, February 10, 2017

Disgusting Muslim Wipes Ass With Hand Then Drinks From It !

Ask your nearest Liberal Fucktard if this filthy fucking animal is what they mean by diversity and why they want this here so badly.


  1. So after multiple generational close marrying; first cousin marriages, THIS is what you get. Someone that has no common sense or decorum. The amount of inbreeding in the muslime countries is just gross and abhorrent.
    The average IQ is very low. That's another reason the immans can sway them so easily.


  2. Believe it or not this throwback is simply following the rituals that his belief system mandates he must carry out before his prayers (five times a day minimum).

    However, I would suspect that either this vid is playing 180 degrees reversed or this particular sub-human dreg is so thick it doesn't even know that it's required to only scrape shit with its left hand and eat with its right one, which is why when they have a hand chopped off it is always the right one as that forever bars them from eating communally.

  3. Dude.. header art :) Thumbs up.

    The shit bag in the video. Send him to the 9th circuit to serve them lunch.

  4. PS. the was Italy

  5. Yep, they bring their lovely "culture" with them everywhere they infest.

    And the libtards insist that "diversity is our strength"!

  6. every major religion has extreme bizzare behavior



  7. Here's my only comment on things:

    If I substitute the word "Jew" for the word "Muslim" and I sound like a fucking Nazi, I'm doing something wrong.

    That is all.

  8. Mike, you nailed it. I hope all the Starbucks customers look at this after they praise Starbucks for hiring 10,000 muslims to spite Trump. As a friend put it, they'll be drinking "Crappachino".


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