Monday, January 2, 2017

Light blogging for today

I was fairly busy over the weekend out in the garage, putting the Harbor Freight wooden work bench together and uncrating the mini lathe.
Come to find out I received it upside down.
That was, interesting, to say the least.
I did a bunch of monkeying around and basically threw my "fused" lower back out doing something I shouldn't have obviously.
I used the little folding hoist I bought a few weeks ago to do the heavy lifting but that work bench got to be kind of heavy towards the end and I had to keep flipping it over to get to spots.
I did take a bunch of pictures of the process but have to move them from the phone to this laptop and then into my download file so I can upload them to the blog.

Not happening right now.

Either way, I suffered all damn day and at whatever the fuck time it is right now, it ain't showing any signs of letting up yet.

This causes me to not give much thought to blogging so we shall see how I feel later on. This little episode is not uncommon, I have been dealing with this for over thirty years now.
Hit the blog roll, there is a whole group of folks over on both sides who I read pretty much daily.


  1. What small folding hoist did you get? I've been looking for something in the 400-600 pound lifting range that's small enough to not take over an entire corner of the garage but big enough to get heavy stuff into the truck bed.

    1. Harbor Freight has a small, folding one ton engine hoist that goes on sale every once in a while.
      It doesn't have much reach though. That could be remedied easily with a longer chunk of 3X3 square tube with some holes drilled in it though.

      It doesn't take up hardly any room and is perfect for what I was needing.

  2. I feel for you. I used to have a lot of back problems after I hurt it sometime around 1974 at work. Been okay for years until a couple days ago. Don't even know what I did.

    1. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason for it.
      Ya sleep wrong, sit down wrong, turn wrong or bend over too fast.
      It sucks.

  3. already doing comedy?

    thank you Phil....



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