Sunday, December 25, 2016

One I Can Deal With

That's when ball caps come in handy.
It's when he shows up with a few of his buddies that is when a calm, cool tactical retreat is called for. Or you can run the fuck away too.



  1. I tend to run like hell myself. Especially when they're bald faced Hornets.

  2. I remember when I was about 18,stripping shingles off an old to the end,hit a wasp nest,got stung like 20 times,so....I jumped about 10 feet off the low side

  3. Not sure what that is but it resembles a Yellowjacket wasp. Yellowjackets are a mothereffer to deal with in warm weather, aggressive as hell. In cold weather not so much. I hate them too.

    Killer bees are even worse. I've only had one run in with them. I was mowing our pasture frontage, and the water meter cover held a nest of them. When I ran the mower nearby, they came out looking for blood. Chased me several hundred yards before they called it quits - I had to wait at least half an hour before I could recover my mower. Assholes !

  4. homemade shugar/water traps lures them in to their deaths

    picture top of two liter bottle inverted into top of bottle filled haftway with sweet water

    or bird shot 12 gauge for the foot longer ones



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