Gas It

Gas It

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trump threatens Hillary with jail if he wins



  1. Fuckin A. That bitch needs to be in jail.

  2. She needs to be at the end of a rope.....

  3. You don't think any of that would require evidence, motive, criminal intent, proof, fair trial... any of that "PC" stuff barbarians hate so much? You know, civilization? And not just the strongman punishing anyone who threatens his grab at political power he can't even begin to understand?

    You wave your little flags and hate on anyone who doesn't show proper obeisance to your national tune, but you really hate everything the country stands for, don't you?

    1. Its not my Blog so I can't tell you to FUCK OFF but yea FUCK OFF !!!!!

    2. Well it is my Blog so listen up asshole. I don't know where you came from but you are more than welcome to go back to it ASAP.

      Hillary Clinton broke the fucking law.
      What part of that do you not understand?
      It has absolutely NOTHING to do with intent either, as I have seen you try and weasel around with as an excuse for her.
      THE FBI has her dead to rights and everyone but you apparently, knows it.
      The fact that they declined to chaege her is a travesty of justice that will have repercussions for as long as this country is around.
      That will go down in history as the day the mask came off and the Oligarchy was exposed for who and what they are.

      You keep coming back here running your yap with the kind of crap I have seen out of you already and I'll show you what a rude fucking bastard I can be.
      It's your choice.

    3. Hmmmm. Let me guess.

      You work for the Clinton Crime Family, errr, I mean Foundation, and just like the Saudis, the Russkies, the Haitian tyrants, and the Bankers, you just got paid?

    4. You have your nose so far up the Clinton's asses that the rest of us cannot tell where YOU begin and THEY end. G'wan and drink your kool-aid while you wait by the mailbox for your SNAP card.

    5. Nangleator, does your stupid hurt much?

    6. Ol' Nangleator talks like a damn fool. Reckon he be one of those $paid$ Clinton shills?


  4. make it "co-ed" and share a cell with obamanuts



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