Friday, October 28, 2016

Banana Republic FUSA

It should be blazingly obvious to anyone over forty that if they were born in the former USA that the country they live in now is only a facade that vaguely resembles that once mighty nation.

A hollowed out shell with brown dead stalks of grain and purple bruises majesty, God turned his back on thee.

We have put a man on the moon and also in the women's bathroom in the space of forty odd years.
We look back at the outrage of Watergate almost fondly now, what we are seeing makes that look like a Shakespearean play, complete with strange sounding words and characters who are faceless.

Nixon was just the beginning, a starter set for homegrown despotism.
What we have now is light years ahead of that and is almost incomprehensible in it's reach and scope.

We quite literally have an unindicted felon being backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government being shoved down our throats as being the best choice we have as a Supreme Leader.

It boggles the mind when you step back and observe it from a clinical standpoint.

No matter what happens on Election day, what will not change is that our birthrights and those of all generations to come behind us have been stolen and are never going to be seen again.

I do not weep for this country, I am too much of a realist.

What I am doing is studying how to survive in a dictatorial police state.

Because it really doesn't matter who is behind the podium on the television every few months, the machinery of government has had the throttle wired open and the steering wheel tied off.

We are in for a ride with only one possible outcome.


  1. It's bad enough that we on a run away train. Wish they weren't still stoking the fires.

  2. tallyho into hell!


  3. I say fuck it, let's get this show on the road.


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